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Ernst Nieuwoudt

Project Manager

Out of the Blue's Creative Living Spaces uses a passion for design to create unique and functional additions to your outdoor living areas.

Project Manager, Ernst Nieuwoudt is a graphic designer with a traditional design background. He sees this business as yet another medium in the field of design -- one that is three-dimensional in nature. Each project begins with a professionally drawn plan of the proposed water feature so that clients receive a visual representation of the finished product before construction commences. Ernst started the business in 2004 and, together with his assistant Joel, takes personal responsibility for each and every project as he sees himself as both the artist and the artisan, investing his passion and energy into all the details of each construction.

Ernst's hands-on approach is evident in the fact that he takes responsibility for the construction of each and every simulated rock, all of which are made from concrete on a steel frame, which is further strengthened by wire mesh. This careful construction makes them utterly durable and hardwearing.

For Ernst, the creation of these tailor-made garden features is his art. This may be a small team, but their ethical, hands-on approach sees them personally involved in all aspects of the design and construction, and a dedicated after-sales service means that they are always available to clients, even long after the project has been completed.


Creating a beautifully designed, natural-looking water feature in your garden can be likened to revamping a kitchen or bathroom inside your home.

Both will add value to the property and update the look of your home at the same time.

My passion for creativity is evident in my rock formations: not only do I strive for natural beauty.
I combine design with function.

Call me if you want to add a unique touch to your home.

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